The Changes In The Company

As a businessman who owns a company, sometimes there may be a plan to change the type of the company from PMDN into PMA and vice versa. Mostly, business development also causes the company has to change its business activity. And sometimes, it also changes the shareholders or the functionaries of the company. Hence, it will need a new legal document for the changes in the company.

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Changes in Company According to Indonesian Law

Indonesian Law Number 40 the Year 2007 concerning Limited Liability Company (UU PT) is regulated changes in the company. To do the changes, you have to conduct a General Meeting of Shareholder (Rapat Umum Pemegang Saham or RUPS). In RUPS, all the decisions regarding the changes are must reach quorum by shareholders and stakeholders of the company. If it is not possible to present all the shareholders and the stakeholders, then its possible to make a Circular. After the RUPS or Circular conduct is under the terms and conditions, then the RUPS must be signed before a notary.

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The notary will sign the Minutes of RUPS and make a deed of change in accordance with the RUPS. After that, approval from the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights (hereinafter referred to as to The Ministry) must be requested regarding the changes.

Finish The Company Change With Indo-Ned Consultancy

Indo-Ned Consultancy provides service regarding the company changes. Indo-Ned Consultancy will assist you to make a change start from the General Meeting of Shareholders until you get the Decree from the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights. We always give the best advice and solutions for your business in Indonesia and we will guide you to set up your company in Indonesia. Should you need assistance and more information, feel free to contact us anytime. find more, click here.


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