Starting a Business

Legal Advice

As a consultancy company, we help you with providing all the necessary information you need when you have a plan to start doing business in Indonesia or set up company in Indonesia : think about the right permits and complying to the Indonesian law. Did you know you need to have an amount of permits before you can undertake activities with your company in Indonesia or business in Indonesia?

Indo-Ned Consultancy cooperates closely with the government, accountants, lawyers and notaries to always be up to date about the latest developments so that we can always ensure you with accurate information for your business in Indonesia. Our legal services are divided in several categories:

Establishing abroad

Every company, for example a PMA or PT, needs an official business address. If you are starting your company in Indonesia, this business address needs to meet the rules of the Indonesian government.

Administration assistance & tax

Indo-Ned provides administrative services in accordance with the needs of our clients. Every company is different, as well as the wishes of the clients. That’s why we collectively with the client discuss what administrative services are needed before a plan of action is made.

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