Land, Building & Resident Ownership Rules

Land, Building & Resident Ownership Rules

Every company, for example a PMA or PT, needs an official business address. If you are doing your business in Indonesia or set up company in Indonesia, this business address needs to meet the rules of the Indonesian government.

We offer you the opportunity to establish your business address on the address of Indo-Ned Consultancy. Based on necessity, we can offer you a phone number that will be answered in the name of your company. Our employees will also be able to host your visitors, organize your e-mail and take care of other formalities.


Property Ownership Possibility

Furthermore, it is possible to use us as a virtual office. All of your clients and suppliers can send their e-mails to our business-address, which is managed by our employees. Besides, we offer you access to our offices and the opportunity of us arranging business meetings for your company.


Sustainable Investment

In specific cases, we offer services concerning the ownership of land, the request for approval and the licenses for your company. We can manage the exploitation of your real estate on Java, Bali or Lombok, to make sure your residence, bungalow park or other properties are safe. Together with you, we arrange a control program which will result in a periodic report. Thus, our advice is not limited to laying the foundation of your company.
Property licenses:

  • SHGU – Rights to Exploit
  • SHGB – Rights to Build



Property Tax and Due Diligent Process

We often arrange business meetings for Dutch or Belgian entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Our clients provide us with a summary of the activities that have to be organized during these business meetings. Based on this summary, we offer you the most appropriate residence and meeting location. If desired, we can arrange a complete program with our intern and extern consultants.


Living and Working Permit in Indonesia

In the Netherlands, 20% of the employees, working hours is spend on meetings, mostly done via online communication. Having an online meeting results in employees having a lack of motivation and in the withholding of only a part of the information that is discussed. Therefore, we advise you to use face-to-face communication as much as possible. In Indonesia, it is common to arrange a business meeting with the employees at least once a year. During the week, the employees stay in a hotel or at a conference center. There is also time for other activities besides the meetings. This results in motivated employees and thus, this manner of arranging meetings is very effective.

Starting a Business

As a consultancy company, we help you with providing all the necessary information you need: think about the right permits and complying to the Indonesian law. Did you know you need to own an amount of permits before you can undertake activities with your company in Indonesia?
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Administration assistance & tax

Indo-Ned provides administrative services in accordance with the needs of our clients. Every company is different, as well as the wishes of the clients. That’s why we collectively with the client discuss what administrative services are needed before a plan of action is made.
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