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About Us

Indo-Ned Consultancy is a legal and business consultant in Indonesia that established in 2007. Our offices are located in Indonesia and The Netherland. In Indonesia, our offices are located in Jakarta and Bali. We have representative staff in Labuhan Bajo, Lombok, and another province in Indonesia.

Our agency in Europe is located in Beuningen, Gelderland.




Our Mission

We, Indo-Ned Consultancy combine global expertise with deep local insights & Indonesia business culture to help you make the best decisions for the start a successful growth of your business and its international start or expansion in Indonesia. We want to use our global reach and scale to convene the conversation about the challenges facing economies and the capital markets for set up company in Indonesia.


Our Vision

Indo-Ned Consultancy always goes a step further and we ensure you that we inform you about everything that is applicable for you when you set up a company in Indonesia and start doing business in Indonesia. So you don’t get unwanted surprises when you set up a company in Indonesia and start doing business in Indonesia. Only by being open and clear we can advise you correctly. Agreements don’t get limited to false promises. We put our money where our mouth is. Even after establishing your company or starting your business in Indonesia, we want to keep in touch and possibly look for new leads for your company. We support and promote our clients with our network because success for you is a success for us.


Who We Are

Indo-Ned Consultancy establishes companies like a Local PT or PMA (Foreign Direct Investment) in cooperation with BKPM (Investment Coordinating Board) by following the Indonesian law.

Throughout 13 years of providing our best services to our clients, we have assisted our clients. We offer help in setting up a company and do business in Indonesia. We also committed to maintaining good cooperation with our clients. Our clients come from within the country and abroad such as Netherlands, United States, Africa,  Singapore, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Australia, Norway, the United Kingdom, and other countries. We also have been cooperating with agencies in Indonesia areas such as another city in  Java, Sumatra. We are flexible to desired the location for business areas that will be run. In addition, also the location of the licensing services in Indonesia. Indo-Ned Consultancy creates a system with close cooperation to the clients, on time as scheduled, and give the best services that clients needed.


Our team

Our Team has created a good system to work together. We have the ability to provide the best service. Not only to hold the clients trusted to business but also set up companies or plan to live in Indonesia.

We understand the needs of our clients who are not too familiar with the rules and regulations on doing business and setting up a company in Indonesia. We can solve your problems fast and efficient with our flexibility and “can-do” approach. In this case, we can ensure our clients of the best service and to stay ahead of our competitors. We’ll help our clients to achieve business targets/goals while following the rules, regulations, and costumes that apply in Indonesia. And our staff members speak several languages: Indonesian, Dutch, English.

We know what to make your business in Indonesia to be successful!


Meeting with clients at the cafe melinjo, labuan Bajo – East Nusa Tenggara |NTT


Our reach

One of our branch offices is located in The Netherlands. Because of this, we’re available all around Europe. The language doesn’t play any role. We have a representative consultant in The Netherlands where besides the Dutch clients the European clients can go to too. We have enough knowledge about the culture of most European countries to turn ideas easily into Indonesian plans to set up a company in Indonesia and start doing business in Indonesia. Besides Dutch clients, we accompany entrepreneurs and private individuals in Belgium, Germany, France, Great Britain, Norway, Austria, Spain, Italy, and Australia with setting up a company in Indonesia and start doing business in Indonesia.


Our service

Our service is aimed at entrepreneurs and private individuals who want to set up a company and start doing business in Indonesia. We’re going to look together which activities have to be done. In hope that your company/investments/plan to set up a company and start doing business will be a success in Indonesia. Quotations and order confirmations are always written so the agreements are always clear and there will be no misunderstanding. Read more about our services to help you to set up a company in Indonesia and start doing business in Indonesia.


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