BPJS Kesehatan ( Health Insurance )

BPJS Kesehatan (Health Insurance)

Health Insurance – BPJS Kesehatan

Health Insurance is one form of the government’s Health Insurance Program. The Social Security Administration for Health is in charge of administering national health insurance for all Indonesian people.

Presidential Regulation No. 82 of 2018 concerning Health Insurance stipulates that every Indonesian citizen is required to participate in the health insurance program, by registering or being registered with BPJS Health. In this case, foreign nationals who work in Indonesia for a minimum of 6 months are also required to become BPJS Health participants.

Health Insurance for Company

Every company is required to register its employees as members of BPJS Health. The company’s BPJS Health does not only apply to the formal sector, but also to informal workers.

BPJS Health participants registered by the company must pay the calculated monthly contribution. The calculation for the payment of the contribution will be partly deducted from the employee’s salary and partly will be paid by the company. The amount of contributions for BPJS Employees is 5% with the following conditions:

Paid by Employer or CompanyPaid by Employee
4% x salary 1% x salary

The premium includes health protection for 5 participants, namely employees, husband/wife, and 3 children. The addition of a family member as a participant is subject to a 1% rate per person and is borne by the employee. Meanwhile, the highest wage limit as the basis for calculating contributions is IDR 12 million (basic salary and fixed allowances).

The calculation for the premium payment is adjusted to the salary received by the employee. To make it easier, the following is a simulation of the costs borne by the company and the employer with a salary of IDR 3 million.

BPJS allowance from the company4% x IDR 3.000.000IDR 120.000
Employee dues (for 5 people)1% x IDR 3.000.000IDR 30.000
BPJS to be paidIDR 150.000

BPJS Employment Registration Flow from the Company

To register the BPJS Health Company, there are 2 ways, namely online and offline.





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