How to Obtain Halal Certificate in Indonesia

How to Obtain Halal Certificate in Indonesia

How to Obtain Halal Certificate in Indonesia

Indonesia has 87% of the population who are Muslim. This has become the focal point for every product of consumer goods, household needs, and services traded in Indonesia meeting Halal standards.

In October 2019, the Indonesian Government enforced a law that every product must be registered in both imported products and export products or label their products as non-halal. Here glance information regarding How To Register Halal Certificate In Indonesia.

Halal product criteria

  1. Doesn’t contain pork bold and ingredients from Pigs.
  2. Doesn’t contain expected ingredients: animal blood.
  3. All material derived from animals slaughtered with Islamic law.
  4. Storage and sale, processing, and transportation are not allowed to contain pork.

The Halal Certificate of the Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) or Indonesian Ulama Council is a requirement to obtain a permit to include halal labels on product packaging from authorized government agencies. The certificate The highest authority to certify and issue a halal certificate in Indonesia is held by the National Body of Halal Assurance.

Latest Halal Product Assurance Regulation Based on Omnibus Law

Based on the recently passed Omnibus Law, there are certain modifications to the halal product assurance regulation, such as:

  1. A clearer timeframe: The duration of the halal certification process may take approximately 40 working days from the verification to the issuance of the halal certificate.
  2. A simplified Process: the Lembaga Pemeriksa Halal (LPH) or Halal Examiner is required to submit the results of inspection directly to the MUI instead of through Badan Penyelenggaraan Jaminan Produk Halal (BPJPH) or Halal Product Assurance Agency to shorten the regulatory process, and is given a 3-day timeline to issue the fatwa. However, the inspection result must be shared with the BPJPH and in the case that the MUI refused to issue a halal fatwa within the time frame, the BPJH can issue one in the MUI’s stead.
  3. Renewal Certificate: For the renewal of halal certificates, the Omnibus Law provides that BPJPH may directly issue the renewed halal certificates for products if business actors provide a statement letter stating that there is no change to the content of the certified product.
  4. Leniency for LPH: The LPH may ask the BPJPH for a deadline extension for the inspection/examination process. The Omnibus Law does not allow the BPJPH to take over the halal certification process should the LPH fails to finish the process within the time limit. If the LPH fails to finish the halal certification process within the time limit, the LPH will be subject to an evaluation and/or receive administrative sanctions. Also, an Islamic institution entity, a private university under an Islamic institution entity, or an Islamic foundation entity may establish an LPH.
  5. A more dynamic role for MUI: The Omnibus Law removes the requirement for halal auditors to obtain certification from the MUI nor for LPs to receive accreditation from the MUI. On the other hand, the MUI is still relevant as the Omnibus Law effectively makes the MUI an implementing body for halal certification under the coordination of the BPJPH.

The obligation of a company that wants to market a product through the Halal Assurance System process and the company must dare to be honest about the composition of the product used.

Products That Can Get Halal Certificate

Halal Certificate is applied to the product:

  1. Food and Beverages.
  2. Drugs.
  3. Cosmetics.
  4. Slaughterhouses.
  5. Restaurant or Catering or Kitchens.
  6. Pharmacy.
  7. Electonic.


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