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Product Registration & Trade in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest economy in Asia. Of course, it proves that the Indonesian market is very promising. Increasing types of export and import products in Indonesia, with a variety of different licenses. Regulations, licenses and developments of the State which are always updated cause we must understand that. Likewise with the environment and culture of people in Indonesia. Indo-ned consultancy which was founded in 2007, is very skilled in understanding business strategies, regulations, licensing, law, and culture in Indonesia. Please for those of you who are interested in doing business activities, visiting, and licensing. We will be happy to assist you.

Brand And Product Registration

There are many types of brands that are used every day or seen. These names of brands are a description of companies that carry out business activities such as McDonald’s that do fast food activities. The names are a representation of the company we know as a brand. A brand is an identity marker of a product or service that is in a trade. Click read more


Imports of goods outside a country are generally subject to customs tariffs, and this is what usually protects local products from absorbing increased competition in the market. If your business in Indonesia is manufacturing companies, some goods (machinery, raw materials) can only be found abroad. Click read more

Eksport and Import Permit

Importers – either a person or company – are required to register at Indonesia’s trade department, and obtain a customs identification number (Nomor Identitas Kepabeanan or NIK) as well as a personal identification number given by the Directorate General of Customs and Excise. Click read more

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