Process & Requirements of Limited Liability Company

Process & Requirements of Limited Liability Company

Process of establishing a Limited Liability Company

A. The Establishment Stage

1. Company name registration

This process aims to check the name of the PT, whether the name of the PT has been used or not. The company name submission is registered by a notary through the Legal Entity Administration System of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

2. Deed of Establishment or also known as Article of Association

The deed of establishment is made by a notary to further obtain approval from the Minister of Law and Human Rights. Usually, the deed contains information about company name, capital, company management and any other information related to the company.

3. Legalization by Minister Law and Human Rights.

4. Application for NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number).

5. Creating an OSS (Online Single Submission) to get the NIB (Business Registration Number) and Business Lisence.

6. Application for Company Domicile Certificate (Optional, depends on the business location).

B. The Operational Stage

1. Obtaining the commitments processed in OSS, namely:

  1. Building permit.
  2. Environmental Permit (SPPL/UKL-UPL).
  3. Functional Eligibility Certificate (if any).
  4. Other operational permits if required by the relevant business sector.

2. Processing the business license in order to be effective at OSS

3. Implementing the company obligations, such as: Doing the LKPM (Investment Activity Report) every quarter, tax reporting, mandatory employee and health insurances, and others.

The requirement to establish a Limited Liability Company

For Foreigners partner:

  1. Copy International valid passport.
  2. Resident address and telephone in the country of origin and email.
  3. Resident address in Indonesia
  4. Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  5. Pas Photo 3×4 = 4 pcs (with color).

For Local Partner:

  1. Copy of Citizen Identity Card (KTP).
  2. Personal tax-payer code number (NPWP Pribadi).
  3. Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  4. Pas Photo 3×4 = 4 pcs (with color).

For Company Domicile:

  1. Copy of lease agreement between you and the land/building owner.
  2. Copy of Building Construction Permits.
  3. Copy of proof of payment Land and Building Tax last few years.
  4. Copy of Land Certificate.
  5. Copy of ID card of the Land Owner.

For Company:

  1. Chart of Company Management Structure.
  2. Flowchart of the business/business plan.


The information provided here is based on our long experience. The process or requirement may vary depending on the specific facts and conditions. Besides, the law and regulations in Indonesia subject to frequent changes. Please contact us as your consultant to get an up to date information and accurate advice. More Information click here and You can also follow our social media accounts to see the latest information posts. please click on the following links: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter.

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