Update: New Regulation for BEA for ASEAN Goods Entering Indonesia

In the world of export-import business in Indonesia, you must be familiar with BEA tariffs. BEA is a levy imposed on the entry and exit of related goods/commodities entering and leaving the customs area. This duty levy is mandatory and imposed on products resulting from exports and imports. The function of import duty is a state levy on imported goods whose main purpose is to limit the entry of imported goods in the context of protecting domestic products. Currently, the Government is updating the provisions regarding the procedure for imposing import duty tariffs on imported goods based on the ASEAN Trade In Goods Agreement (ATIGA) scheme in line with the issuance of Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) No. 81/PMK.04/2022.

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PMK 81/2022 perfects the previous provisions in PMK 131/2020. The amendments were made to accommodate the amendments to ATIGA’s Operational Certification Procedures (OCP) and the amendments to the Certificate of Origin (SKA) Form D.

Through PMK 81/2022, the government has updated several provisions including the issuance of SKA (Certificate of Origin) form D. The SKA (Certificate of Origin) Form D is proof of origin of goods issued by the agency issuing a certificate of origin which will be used as the basis for tariffs preference.

In PMK 131/2020, SKA (Certificate of Origin) Form D must be issued before, at the time, or up to no later than 3 days from the date of shipment or the date of exportation.
However, with PMK 81/2022, SKA (Certificate of Origin) Form D must be issued before or at the date of shipment or export date.

So that’s the summary of the news regarding the Ministry of Finance Issuing a New PMK (Minister of Finance Regulation) Regarding the Imposition of Import Duties on Asean Goods.

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