The LKPM Report in Indonesia

What is The Investment Activity Report or The LKPM (Laporan Kegiatan Penanaman Modal)?

When you have a plan to set up a company in Indonesia and start doing business in Indonesia, you need to understand about LKPM. In Indonesia, when you set up a company you need to report LKPM to government periodically. Here glance information about the LKPM Report in Indonesia.

The LKPM is a periodical report that consists of the data regarding the development of investment realization and the problems faced by the investors. The LKPM report has a function to monitor and evaluate the progress of implementation investments that have received investment permits.

Besides, The Investment Activity Report (LKPM) also has the function as:

1. The progress of investment realization per sector and location regularly,
2. The development of employment,
3. Information on problems faced by investors,
4. One source of information considered in the policy set.

Why All Companies in Indonesia Have Submitted The Investment Activity Report to The BKPM?

According to BKPM Regulation No.7/2018 Article 5, all companies in Indonesia have to submit to investment Activity report providing their investment in Indonesia.

The investor has obligation to send the LKPM report to the BKPM ‘Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal (Investment Coordinating Board in Indonesia) according to Article 15 of Indonesian Investment Activity and Article 11 (1) of the BKPM Regulation No.14/2017.

In addition, the investor who failed to fulfill this obligation cannot apply for particular licenses. According to article 35 (6) paragraph 4 of the BKPM Regulation No.13/2017, the receipt of the LKPM report submission is one of the requirements to apply for operational licenses and permanent business permits.

When do You Need to Submit The LKPM Report?

In accordance with the BKPM Regulation No.7/2018 article 10 and 11.

The investor must send the LKPM report every 3 months. The investor needs to send LKPM report quarterly, like the following :

1. January – March period, LKPM must be submitted by April 10th of the same year.
2. April – June period, LKPM must be submitted by July 10th of the same year.
3. July – September period, LKPM must be submitted by October 10th of the same year.
4. October – December period, LKPM must be submitted by January 10th of the following year.

What Data do You Need to Prepare for Reporting The LKPM Report?

The LKPM report of a limited obligation company consists of the following:

1. The financial statement of your company basic on the balance sheet and the Profit or Loss report,
2. The list data of your employees especially detail the total WNI (Warga Negara Indonesia) or citizen of Indonesia and WNA (Warga Negara Asing) or foreign citizen,
3. The list data and copies file legal of your company-owned.

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