How to Obtain Halal Certificate in Indonesia

Indonesia has 87% of the population who are Muslim. This has become the focal point for every product of consumer goods, household needs, and services traded in Indonesia meeting Halal standards.
In October 2019, the Indonesian Government enforced a law that every product must be registered in
both imported products and export products or label their products as non-halal. Here glance information regarding How To Register Halal Certificate In Indonesia.

The Foods, Drug, and Cosmetics Assessment Institute (Indonesian Ulama Council (LPPOM MUI) is designated as an institution whose duties are to research, study, analyze and decide that are suitable and safe for consumption both in terms of Health and Islamic Religious standards. LPPOM MUI cooperates with the Product Assurance Agency (BPJPH) for Halal Certificate in Indonesia.

Halal product criteria include:

1. Doesn’t contain pork bold and ingredients from Pigs,
2. Doesn’t contain expected ingredients: animal blood,
3. All material derived from animals slaughtered with Islamic law.
4. Storage and sale, processing, and transportation are not allowed to contain pork.

Halal Certificate is applied to the product:

1. Food and Beverages,
2. Drugs,
3. Cosmetics,
4. Slaughterhouses,
5. Restaurant or Catering or Kitchens.

The Requirements of Halal Certificate in Indonesia:

1. Halal Certificate is required to fulfill the elements specified in HAS 23000. HAS 23000 has 2 parts, including:
a. Halal Assurance System Criteria (HAS 23000:1),
b. Policies and Procedures (HAS 23000: 2),
2. Online Submission. Indoned Consultancy is one of them will be able to prepare and assist your application and advise you the procedures of Halal Certificate,
3. The Procedures are in conjunction with registration fees and Halal Certificate fees in accordance with the work contract,
4. The following procedures of guidelines in a pre-audit assessments, audits, Fatwa and Laboratory analysis for registration of Procedure Halal Certificate in Indonesia,
5. LPPOM MUI will issue a Halal Certificate for products that meet the requirements and filling procedures.

Halal Certificate in Indonesia is an initiative of action for every company in choosing whether to have Halal Certificate or not. However, we strongly recommend having a Halal Certificate guarantees that the products and services business are allowed to be marketed in Indonesia.

Halal Certificates in Indonesia are universally valid throughout the world so it is not difficult for products originating from abroad to enter the Indonesian market and what needs to be considered is the process and required by LPPOM MUI for Halal Certificate.

Registration for Halal Certificate in Indonesia is depending on the type and criteria, usability, and benefits of the product. Based on that in Indonesia, the parties who can register for Halal Certificates are:

1. Legal Entity in Indonesia. Foreign companies established in Indonesia have the advantage of registering products and marketing products.
2. Cooperating with Local Distributors. Appoint local distributors in Indonesia who have responsibility for product marketing and as a licensee with a term of 3-5 years.

Each type of product registration has a difference, example, imported food and beverage products. All food and beverage products must meet safety requirements before entering the market in Indonesia. According to the Regulation of the Head of the Indonesian National Agency for Drug and Food Control (BPOM) regulates the control of drugs and Imported Foods in Indonesia at Number 27 of 2013.

Registration of Food and Beverage, Imports is distinguished from export products, which are mandatory submissions of ML Registration from BPOM and Cosmetics. Indonesia has implements the ASEAN Harmonized Cosmetic Regulatory Scheme and together with a lot of requirements to register the Halal Certificate in Indonesia.

Indoned Consultancy is a legal and business consultant in Indonesia that can assist you through every process of establishing a business entity in Indonesia with each of the stage that carried out during the process of Halal Certificate in Indonesia. You can contact us for your consultation or would like to have meeting about our service. Please feel free to fill in the registration form on this website at right bottom.


The information provided here is based on our long experience. In addition, the process or requirement may vary depending on the specific facts and conditions. Besides, the law and regulations in Indonesia subject to frequent changes. In either case please contact us  as your consultant to get an up to date information and accurate advice. More Information click here and You can also follow our social media accounts to see the latest information posts. please click on the following links: FacebookInstagramLinkedin, and Twitter.

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