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Accounting, Tax And Administration Services

Basic business processes that exist in Indonesia are often related to tax regulations. This is because of Indonesia has its own financial and tax regulations. This will require you to report monthly taxes to the tax office, even if there is no record of business activity or tax debt. Therefore, Indo-ned Consultancy which has experienced tax consultants and accountants in Indonesia will be very ready to help you in managing Accounting, Tax And Administration Services. Please read our services in detail regarding Accounting, Tax And Administration Services:

Private Tax

Private Tax is divided into 3, namely: Income Tax Law (PPh 21), Value Added Tax (VAT) dan Land Tax and Building Tax (PBB).  For furthermore explanation of personal taxes. Click read more


Corporate Tax & Accounting Services

Corporate Tax & Accounting Services consist of : Income Tax Article 21 (PPh 21), Income Tax Article 4 ayat (2),Income Tax Article 22 (PPh 22),Income Tax Article 23, Income Tax Article 25, Income Tax Article 26, Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM),Value Added Tax (PPN).For furthermore explanation of personal taxes. Click to read more

Recruitment & Payroll

We know that employees are important for a company. Because of that, we provide recruitment and payroll services to help our clients’ business in Indonesia. The recruitment services that we serve are Advertising, Screening, and Interviewing. Click to read more.

The Investment Activity Report (LKPM)

According to Article 15 of the Indonesian Investment Act and Article 7 (c) of the Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal (BKPM) Regulation No. 7/2018, each investor must submit The Investment Activity Report periodically. Because it is periodically, the report must be submitted every 3 months to BKPM. Click to read more

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