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Coorporate Tax & Accounting Services

Income Tax Article 21 (PPh 21)

Companies in Indonesia are taxed at a rate of 25%, for both domestic and international sourced income. Resident Indonesian companies are required to withhold tax at a rate of 20% from payments to foreign companies.

Income Tax Article 4 ayat (2)

Income Tax Article 4 (2) or also referred to as final PPh is the tax imposed on corporate taxpayers and personal taxpayers for certain types of income they receive and the tax deduction is final.

Income Tax Article 22 (PPh 22)

Income Tax Article 22 shall be levied on certain business entities, public or private, engaged in export, import and reimport activities. Through Regulation No 90 / PMK.03 / 2015, the government will expand the entity entitled to collect the Article 22 Income Tax which becomes the Tax Agency that sells goods.

Income Tax Article 23

Tax cut on the income earned or obtained by taxpayers in the country and businesses which derived from capital, submission services, or activities other than those deducted from income tax article 21

Income Tax Article 25

Income Tax Article 25 (Income Tax Article 25) is the payment of Income Tax in installments. The goal is to ease the burden on taxpayers, since the tax payable should be paid in one year. This payment must be self-made and can not be represented.

Income Tax Article 26

Income Tax Article 26 is imposed from Penghasilan tax income derived from Indonesia received or accrued by the taxpayer (WP) in addition to foreign permanent establishment (PE) in Indonesia.

Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM)

A luxury tax is a tax on luxury goods: products not considered essential. A luxury tax may be modeled after a sales tax or VAT, charged as a percentage on all items of particular classes, except that it mainly affects the wealthy because the wealthy are the most likely to buy luxuries such as expensive cars, jewelry, etc. It may also be applied only to purchases over a certain amount; for instance, some U.S. states charge luxury tax on real estate transactions over a limit.

Value Added Tax (PPN)

Value Added Tax (VAT) is typically due on events involving the transfer of taxable goods or the provision of taxable services in the Indonesian Customs Area.

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