Tips & Tricks Visiting Indonesia

Tips & Tricks Visiting Indonesia

Indonesia has long been one of the favorite tourist destinations for tourists from abroad. Some of the famous tourist destinations in Indonesia include Bali “The Island of Gods”, Yogyakarta “Heart of Central Java”, etc. Tourists who come to Indonesia also consist of various kinds of people. There are tourists who have often visited Indonesia so they are familiar with various things in Indonesia. However, there are also tourists who have never come to Indonesia and still do not understand what things to pay attention to when visiting Indonesia, or other regions.

Here, our team has collected some tips and tricks that will definitely be very useful for you adventurers who like to visit various countries, and maybe Indonesia has become one of the destinations for your next adventure destination.

Record the Destinations You Want to Visit

Whether you are the type of traveler who likes to make detailed vacation plans or are more spontaneous, there is nothing wrong with making a list of tourist destinations you want to visit in your destination country.

Make a list of tourist destinations or exciting activities that suit your desires. That way, you can enjoy all the exciting destinations in the country without regrets.

Learn the Culture of the Country Visited

Before traveling abroad, you should learn about the culture and manners of the destination country so as not to offend the host. For example, such as the culture of giving tips in the United States or the rules of no smoking and littering in public in Singapore.

Ask for Recommendations from Locals

If you are confused about what activities to do, looking for a good place to eat, or just looking for non-mainstream tours, the best step is to ask for recommendations from local residents.

The locals will definitely be happy to help you out and point out hidden attractions that many international tourists may not know about.

Pay attention to the weather before leaving

Knowing the weather in the destination country is very important because it can help you pack and what activities can or cannot be done in the destination country. You certainly don’t want to wear thick clothes when the air temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius, right?

Bring the clothes you need

When traveling, especially as a backpacker, all the space in your bag is very valuable, especially for bringing souvenirs. For that, bring makeshift clothes that are suitable for use at any time.

Your bag has limited space so as much as possible bring clothes that can be used many times. Don’t forget to pack your clothes in a roll to save space and look wrinkled.

Prepare a Traveling Budget

Traveling, eating and shopping for souvenirs while on vacation will certainly require no small amount of funds. Plan your vacation costs roughly, but don’t be too strict about saving money because you want to enjoy your vacation without thinking about money.

Prepare Personal Medicines

Falling sick while on vacation is certainly not good. Instead of having trouble finding medicines in the destination country, it’s better for you to carry your personal medicines in your bag. Even if you don’t use the ends, it’s better to anticipate than to be confused at a strange pharmacy.

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