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Market & Project Goal Advice

Indo-Ned Consultancy can help you to make your business project in Indonesia hassle free. We will guide you through every step so you can avoid negative risks which will harm you when you start doing business in Indonesia and set up company in Indonesia. We will provide you with legal analysis pursuant to the current regulation and we can adjust it with your specific conditions.

  • Indo-Ned Consultancy can help you to conduct due diligence with regard to property purchase. We can help you to check the status of land certificate at the BPN (State Agency on Land). You should pay attention to the land allotment in Indonesia which stated in the certificate because you can only use the land in accordance with the allotment which stated in the certificate. It is very important to conduct due diligence before purchasing property so the transaction can be clean and clear. In addition, by conducting due diligence, you can avoid or prevent dispute with regard to such property in the future.
  • Indo-Ned Consultancy can give you advise related to the establishment of PMA. Our PMA package already include consultation. We can help you to prepare documents or requirements to set up PMA such as analysis on the business field (ISIC Code); analysis on the reqiurements for place of business (IMB or Buillding Construction Permit); and the business plan. It is very important to choose the right business fields because some business fields are closed for foreign investment and others are open conditionally with a certain maximum foreign ownership. With regard to the place of business, you can build or lease a building. If you lease the building, make sure it has a IMB and the allotment is suitable with your business fields in Indonesia. In addition, we can help you to analyse the lease agreement of the building to make sure the agreement suit with your best interest, e.g. tax obligation for your business in Indonesia and we will guide you to set up your company in Indonesia. Meanwhile, business plan is very important to determine what licenses that you will need. We can provide you with the template of business plan and Indo-Ned Consultancy can assist you to make it.

We always give best advice and solutions for your business in Indonesia and we will guide you to set up your company in Indonesia, if you need assistance and more informations feel free to contact us anytime.

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