Food And Beverage Registration in Indonesia


Food And Beverage Registration in Indonesia. The lifestyle of the Indonesian people plays a major role in changing and developing the economy and trade in Indonesia and abroad. The consumptive nature of Indonesian society is one of the causes of the spread of many foods and drinks in Indonesia.

The level of development of food and beverage circulation in Indonesia is marked on the import trade curve, as shown in this table:

The Indonesian Government is obliged to become a party to oversee the circulation of the trade-in food and beverage imports in Indonesia, a body known as the Drug and Food Control Agency or BPOM was formed.

BPOM is an institution in Indonesia which is tasked with overseeing the circulation of imported products in Indonesia. The role of BPOM is considered to be very effective in preventing the circulation of products, both food, and drinks, drugs, which are dangerous.

BPOM categorizes food products that circulate in Indonesia must be registered at BPOM, these products are:

1. Imported for research purposes,
2. Imported for testing purposes or consumed personally,
3. Used as an ingredient for the final product,
4. Not sold to end consumers,
5. The expiration period is less than 7 days.

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According to BPOM Regulation number 27 of 2017, those who can import food and beverage products and medicines are:

1. Domestic companies, and
2. Overseas companies.

The BPOM registration and licensing process varies depending on the type of product to be registered at BPOM so that for more information regarding product registration and product licensing, do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance regarding doing importing products in Indonesia. Let us, Indo-Ned Consultancy help you through every process of establishing a business entity in Indonesia. It is possible to start your business with us to help you.


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