Eksport and Import Permit

Importers – either a person or company – are required to register at Indonesia’s trade department, and obtain a customs identification number (Nomor Identitas Kepabeanan or NIK) as well as a personal identification number given by the Directorate General of Customs and Excise. Besides NIK, importers must obtain an Importer Identification Number (Angka Pengenal Import, API), which serves as a record in the database of importers and their import activities. All import activities are prohibited without the API.

Essentially, there are three types of import licenses available in Indonesia. : API-U (General Import License); API-P (Producer Import License); and a Limited Import License, also known as API Terbatas (API-T). These licenses are limited to a particular industry and do not permit the importation of goods not related to that sector of business.

Required documents for importers

Businesses importing into Indonesia must provide the following documents:

  • • Finishing Masterlist in NSWI from BKPM
  • • Commercial invoice, signed by the manufacturer or supplier as true and correct;
  • • Bill of lading, in three endorsed originals and four non-negotiable copies;
  • • Certificate of insurance;
  • • Packing list;
  • • Import permit ( API-P );
  • • Customs import declaration
  • • PPJKA in local port

For exporters

Exporters must obtain a NIK to carry out export activities. In addition, exporting companies must have a taxpayer identification number (NPWP) and one of the following business licenses: Trade license (SIUP) from the Ministry of Trade; Manufacturing license from the Ministry of Industry, or other licenses issued by the relevant authority; PMA license issued by the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM); or Exporter identification number (APE).

Required documents for exporters

Businesses exporting out of Indonesia must provide the following documents:

  • • Bill of Lading, Airway bill or other transport documents such as postal receipt, cargo receipt;
  • • Commercial Invoice;
  • • Customs Export Declaration;
  • • Packing List;
  • • Export declaration of goods (PEB);
  • • Insurance Certificate;
  • • Export Permit;
  • • Certificate of Origin.

In some cases, it may also be necessary to provide the following:

  • • Insurance;
  • • Taxpayer ID number (NPWP);
  • • A quality statement or quality certificate;
  • • Export LKP (Examination Report), for products receiving Bapeksta facility or subject to PE (Export Tax) or PET (Export Supplemental Tax).

Importers and Exporters must aware that the documents have to be prepared in a special way to comply with the requirements of the importing or exporting country. The required documents depend upon the nature of goods imported (general goods, personal effects, dangerous goods, and livestock), regular trade policy of Indonesia government, specific goods imported to Indonesia such as arms and ammunition, health products, food products, and chemicals.

The company’s activities on exports and imports in Indonesia are currently increasing, and it is an obligation for companies to have permission from the Indonesian government for a company to do import or export activities in Indonesia. For that Indo-Ned Consultancy provides export and import licensing services for companies involved in export and import activities in Indonesia, so as to facilitate companies in conducting business activities in Indonesia. It is important for you when you want to set up company and start doing business in Indonesia.


The information provided here is based on our long experience. The process or requirement may vary depending on the specific facts and conditions. Besides, the law and regulations in Indonesia subject to frequent changes. Please contact us as your consultant to get an up to date information and accurate advice. More Information click here and You can also follow our social media accounts to see the latest information posts. please click on the following links: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter.

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