Accounting and Corporate Tax

Financial problems are one of the problems that are vital for the company in the development of business in all companies. One of the aims of establishing a company is to obtain maximum profit. But the success or failure of the company in seeking profits and maintaining the company depends on financial management. The company must have a healthy and efficient financial performance to get profit or profit. Therefore, financial performance such as Accounting and Corporate Tax is important for companies in business competition to maintain their companies.

Companies need to do financial statement analysis because financial statements are used to assess company performance, and are used to compare the condition of the company from the previous year with the coming year whether the company is improving or not so that the company considers the decisions to be taken for the coming year according to performance his company. Company performance is the process of critically reviewing the company’s finances to provide solutions in making the right decision in a certain period.

The data collection for the process of making financial reports and tax reports in Indonesia.
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Financial statement analysis uses the calculation of ratios in order to evaluate the financial condition of the company in the past, present, and future. Ratios can be calculated based on data sources consisting of balance ratios, i.e. ratios compiled from data originating from the balance sheet, profit and loss ratios compiled from income statement data, and ratios between reports compiled from the data balance sheet and income statement. Financial statements need to be prepared to find out whether the company’s performance is increasing or even declining and in analyzing the financial statements financial analysis tools are needed, one of which is to use financial ratios. The financial ratios include liquidity ratios, solvency ratios, activity ratios, profitability ratios, and growth ratios.

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This is we provide a workflow to preparing financial reports by Indoned Consultancy team.

Accounting and Corporate Tax In Indonesia

Every foreign investment company or domestic investment company established in Indonesia is required to make tax calculations and report tax obligations. There are many types of taxes that are imposed for
a company. To be able to do tax reporting, each company is required to have a tax number (NPWP).
Every company established in Indonesia is obliged to comply with applicable tax regulations.

For corporate tax rates in Indonesia in general at 25%, but there are some exceptions that apply in Indonesia, namely:

No Corporate Income Tax Tax Rate
1 Normal Rate 25%
2 Public companies with > 40% of its shares traded on the IDX 20%
3 Companies with a gross turnover below IDR 50 billion 12,5%
4 Companies with a gross turnover below IDR 4.8 billion 1%


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