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Stop Panic ! Coronavirus is Temporary & Your Company’s Business is Sustainable

WHO officially states that Covid-19 (coronavirus) caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus is a global pandemic. In less than three months, the disease has spread to 149 countries.

The number of corona virus-positive patients in Indonesia has been recorded, 117 patients. While throughout the world, the Covid-19 infection rate reached 147,960 cases in 149 countries as of Saturday (3/14/2020). Of the 117 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Indonesia, 8 patients have been cured.

The Healing Opportunity Of Corona Virus is High!

Coronavirus has clinical symptoms that vary with mild levels. Severe clinical symptoms occur in people with weakened immune systems in the elderly and with concomitant diseases.

Although there are no drugs and antiviral drugs yet, patients with corona positivity can recover with symptomatic and supportive therapeutic treatments, which are treatments to reduce symptoms and increase the body’s immune system.

Launch CNN, one of the women from Seattle, the United States who managed to recover from the coronavirus tells her experience of struggling with the virus.

Elizabeth Schneider, 37, has one key to being able to recover from Covid-19’s disease, “Don’t Panic,” She said.

Productive Business and Corporate Strategy in the Coronavirus Outbreak

Today many business people are affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Many people choose not to leave the house which results in decreased business income. For this reason, businesses need to know what actions must be taken to maintain the business and keep the business going in the middle of a corona business outbreak.

Here are some tips so that your business/company continues to run well and productive when there is an impact of the coronavirus outbreak:

1. Understand your supply chain and look for alternatives
Many businesses rely on supplies from abroad. If your business relies on products or services from areas affected by the Corona Virus outbreak, then it’s better to look for alternative supplies in areas that are not affected.

2. Keep watch over cash flow
Businesses should continue to review and monitor how a decline in sales will affect your ability to pay suppliers, manage debt, and others. Make sure you stay on track with daily profitability, stock levels, and balances.

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3. Communicating with all stakeholders
Proper and honest communication with all stakeholders must continue. These stakeholders such as customers, employees, suppliers, to business partners. These stakeholders need to know what problems there are and what contingency plans your business has.

4. Accept payments online
In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, you can still receive purchases from customers online. To be able to accept payments online through websites and business applications, you can use a payment gateway or online payment gateway. Through a payment gateway, you can offer a variety of payment methods and your market will become wider.

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