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Jokowi free the MSMES Taxes that less than RP 4.8 M

President Joko Widodo decided to free the tax actors of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMES). The MSMES only for the turnover of under RP4, 8 billion in April-September 2020. The MSMES tax exemption he delivered when opening the limited meeting on the continued discussion of the impact mitigation Program of Covid-19 on micro, small and medium enterprises in Istana Merdeka, Wednesday (29/4).

Jokowi free the MSMES Taxes that less than RP 4.8 M

Liberation was done to help the MSMES from Coronavirus pressure. In addition to the facilities, so that the MSMES can survive, Jokowi also ordered his assistant to give other assistance. One of the help he asked for immediately provided is cheap groceries, BLT cash, BLT village. In addition, Jokowi also requested to his ranks to reduce their electricity tariff.

“MSMES who enters poor and vulnerable from the impact of Covid-19 must ensure that they enter the recipient of the Bansos. The Bansos could be PKH, groceries, cash Bansos, village BLT, and electricity tariff reduction and Prakerja card, ” he said.

In addition, Jokowi also asks the ranks to provide relaxation or easing credit to the MSMES. It will do by postponing installments and giving interest subsidy to KUR beneficiaries.

Jokowi sees that there are several ministries that can provide assistance with that credit easing. One of them, Ministry of Maritime nor Ministry of Agriculture. “I also ask for the delay of installment and the expanded interest subsidy to MSMES assisted by the local government,” he said.

Source : Jokowi free the MSMES Taxes that less than RP 4.8 M – CNN Indonesia


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Jokowi free the MSMES Taxes that less than RP 4.8 M

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