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Indo-Ned Consultancy Free Consultation

On Thursday, 29th of August 2019, Indo-Ned Consultancy was carried out a small workshop and free consultation. It was held in cooperation with PT. Madu Baillet Foodventure, as known also as Cafe Melinjo. The small workshop and consultation took a place at Cafe Melinjo, Marina Commercial Area, Labuan Bajo.
The small workshop and free consultation were attended by 9 (nine) participants from various companies in Labuan Bajo, such as Divine Diving Komodo, Flores Diving Centre, Manta Rei Dive, Blue Ring Liveaboard, and so on. There are 3 (three) main topics discussed at that time. Namely: Doing Business in Indonesia, The Obligations of Company (Tax and BPJS), and Living Permits in Indonesia.

Discussed doing business in Indonesia, represented by one of the legal advisors at Indo-Ned Consultancy, Mega Karisma, the small workshop explains about what is the most popular business in Indonesia. Indonesia is composed of thousand islands scattered along the equator. These include several large islands which include Java, Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and Papua, as well as various islands that are popular tourist destinations, such as Bali, Lombok, Java, etc. With so many regions and islands that have great business opportunities in Indonesia, Indonesia has given its own interest for entrepreneurs to invest. There are various ways for an investor to set up a presence in Indonesia, depending on the investor’s type of business. However, the most popular one based on our experiences is Foreign Direct Investment or PMA (in Bahasa) and PMDN (Local Direct Investment).

OSS System, LKPM Report, and Companies’ Obligation

Beside explained about the type of business in Indonesia, the small workshop also provides information about OSS System and LKPM Report. Moving forward to the obligation of the company, there are some types of taxes that must be fulfilled by the company explained in the workshop. Namely:

a. Tax Article 21/26
b. Tax Article 23/26
c. Tax Article 22
d. Tax Article 25/29
e. Tax Article 4 Paragraph 2
f. VAT
h. PBB

For those who missed the workshop and interest with those topics above, please find the information about it on our website at www.indo-ned.com and find the menu ‘Service’.
It was the first time for Indo-Ned Consultancy to conduct the free consultation. Mrs. Tina Vermaes as the Director of Indo-Ned Consultancy said, “it is a previous occasion for us to visit Cafe Melinjo and conduct the free consultation here. We are here to provide advice for the problem facing by the businessmen here.” Mr. Victor Baillet as the Director of Cafe Melinjo also felt happy to welcome all the businessmen at Cafe Melinjo. “We met Indo-Ned and they help us a lot to manage our company regarding the permits, taxes, and administrations. Thank you also to the businessmen who present here today, please enjoy the Cafe Melinjo,” said him on the opening speech.

Indo-Ned Consultancy is one of the consultant companies which provide all businessmen need. Legal advise, administration, taxes, living permits, also property purchase. If you are interested to have a consultation with us, please arrange the meeting by fulfilling the form here. Indo-Ned Consultancy is glad to assist you.

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