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Client Reviews

The Indoned team has been

The Indoned Consultancy team has been very helpful to set up ‘Mother Jungle’ legally. The team has been incredibly supportive in making me understand all rules and regulations. Coming from The Netherlands and being able to understand all requirements from the government in Indonesia is not easy and the help was really needed to establish Mother Jungle officially. From the start of working with Indoned, there was a personal approach and every question was answered very quickly. Also after the establishment of Mother Jungle, the Indo-Ned team is still supporting me to find the way to official rules. The Tax and LKPM for example. To make sure it is all arranged according to the (often changing) regulations we are happy to get advice from the professional Indo-Ned team. I could definitely recommend Indoned Consultancy if you need support regarding legalities and business processes!

Sanne van Oort

Indoned Services Team

I am very satisfied with the services of PT. Indoned Consultancy. Their professional team has helped me to construct PT. Gangga Waterfall Resort and takes care of the necessary reporting for which I am very grateful. I would recommend PT. Indoned Consultancy to all others that would like to start-up a company in Indonesia and wish them a lot of success!

Marald Ragnar Van De Berg
Gangga Waterfall Resort Lombok Utara, Nusa Tenggara Barat

Preferred Consultant

Indoned Consultancy is the preferred consultant for Karar Lombok Boutique Hotel, where by Indoned consultancy competently and efficiently registered the PMA company, and all associated licenses and permits for the hotel, and continue to process the Karar Lombok Boutique Hotel accounts presently. I do not hesitate to recommend Indoned to provide clear and concise advice regarding business processes and legalities.

Mary Ann West

Indo Ned Help For Arranging Our Company Permits

When we started up our company for building our tapioca starch factory, Indo Ned was a great help for acquiring all permits. They arranged BKPM approval, masterlist imported machinery, operational permits, work permits, and tax reporting.

Gerard Simon Stuurman

Establishing a Company in Indonesia

I contacted PT. Indoned Consultancy Company in The Netherlands for the first time in 2013 for a possible cooperation. I was looking for a company that could help me with establishing a company in Labuan Bao, Flores. It was quickly clear for me that there were important features to sign a contract. The information I got was clear, complete and accurate. Establishing a company in Indonesia is complex but with the help of PT. Indoned Consultancy everything went very smoothly. All the required documents were delivered on time so we could establish our company on the agreed date. I still have a very good cooperation with PT Indoned Consultancy Company to this day. Sometimes some documents have to be adjusted because of changes in our company. They always make excellent work to make sure everything is accurate. I would recommend PT. Indoned Consultancy Company to everyone who is considering to establish a company in Indonesia.

Benny Vanmaele

Services And Support

Indoned Consultancy Company, PT has been guiding me to establish a company in Indonesia. I am very satisfied about their ongoing services and support.


Nina van Zinnicq Bergmann

Business in Indonesia

We are surely contt with the services of Indoned Consultancy, of course, in the first place with the personal involvement of ibu Tina, especially when it was very much need a few years ago. And still now we are pleased with the contact with the office in Kuta, Bali. Business in Indonesia is not always very easy. Many regulations exist that may differ from time to time and place to place. Many Document are needed to comply to the regulations. So, expert advice is important, and flexible but tenacious advocating the clients business. Both expert advice an flexible but tenacious involvement is provide by IndoNed. When there are sometimes problems with the documents or misunderstandings, Indoned is open for discussion and provides explanation, which is important. All over, we can recommended Indoned Consultancy for any business in Indonesia.

Jan Kessler
Seraya Paradise

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