Business Guide to Indonesia


INDO-NED the key to a successful new business begins with a good business plan.
But since you're going to open a business in INDONESIA, you'll need to learn more about the cultural in here.

so, before you spent potentially a lot of money on your business, ask yourself these questions:
• how much i should spent to make a business in here?
• what's cookin' in here?
• what should i notice about INDONESIA?
• do i have the right location?
• how about human resources, or maybe others?
• how much you know about the culture?
• how about the locals?
• what about the laws and rules of business in here?
• who can provide me all these?
• am i making a right decision?

As with any new actions, there seems to be an endless questions to be answered, and of course - some issues to be resolved.

INDO-NED consultancy is ready to help you to solve these endless questions, and will give you the best advice and opinion, regarding to your business needs.