INDO-NED for foreign investors in Indonesia

Let us introduce ourself INDO-NED Consultancy

There are many consultancy offices to choose from, and we realize that everyone is looking for the best options.

That's exactly why we separate ourselves from the competition in every way we can. If one factor had to be chosen above all others, perhaps our drive is what makes us most different.

We are ready to help to assist you and make you satisfied. How to choose a reliable advisor as there are so many at the web. First of all check the website, make an appointment with the advisor and check if they have fantasy names or using trade sites.

We have put forth such an effort in the respect that word of mouth is now helping us grow exponentialy. Repeat business and referrals from former clients accounts for approximately 76% of our yearly transactions, and we are always seeking new contacts at the same time.

What ever you need, PT INDO-NED Consultancy Company will help you in running a business from company registration to licenses, from legal document to annual tax administration you name it.

A not unimportant detail is that INDO-NED a representative consultant in the Netherlands , so Europian clients can contact a Indo-Ned consultantant also in the Netherlands.

Our services are dedicated for foreigner who intend to have a good business in INDONESIA. then please contact us. we will listen to you and your wishes, and give you a realistic estimate on how we think we can make your ideal scenario a reality. if you chose to hire us for the job, we will deliver on that estimate.

Before you buy land in Bali, Jawa, Lombok, Flores or one of the other islands or you would like to start a business in Indonesia, INDO-NED advice you to setup or establish a PMA in Indonesia. Only in that way you are sure the property belongs to you. Let INDO-NED be your guide in doing business in Indonesia.

As we like to do fair trade, all quotations and contracts are written on paper. INDO-NED likes to works clear as glass so you know what we will do for you.

Setup your company in Indonesia

Before you can start a business or work in Indonesia you have to setup a company according to the Indonesian law. In the most cases it's wise to establish a limited company, also known in Indonesia as an PMA or PT for Indonesian citizens.

As soon as the PMA has been established you can buy property or start your own business. You have to be aware that a PMA cannot be used for different activities. Let INDO-NED Consultancy with offices in Jakarta, Bali and the Netherlands advice you.

Before you start with your investment in Indonesia it's wise to contact one of our consultants.

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